What is Grassroots?

Grassroots is not a committee. Grassroots is an initiative developed to give each-and-every homeowner in the state of Nevada a voice during legislative sessions.

Grassroots was organized in 2012 by the Community Associations Institute (CAI) Nevada chapter. This initiative recruits and informs all homeowners about pending legislation, pro and con. These pro/con positions, developed by the Legislative Action Committee (“LAC”), is provided to Grassroots participants so they can pass comments to their Nevada legislators. Thus, making all HOA residents ADVOCATES for their communities.

In a united effort to protect community associations throughout the State of Nevada, the Grassroots Initiative works alongside the state and national divisions of CAI. The goal of the Grassroots Initiative is to deliver a unified message to legislators and mobilize them against “bad” legislation that could negatively impact Common Interest Communities and support “good” legislation that would be helpful to homeowners and the homeowner association industry.

During Nevada legislative sessions many contentious HOA issues/bills are presented which affect everyone who lives in the well over 3100 associations in the state! Everyone needs a voice in government, and the CAI Grassroots Initiative provides that voice. Please join the Grassroots Initiative by clicking on the “Join Grassroots Initiative” tab.

Join the Grassroots Initiative today!  Make your voice heard!

Join Grassroots

Join Grassroots

Nevada Legislative Bills

Find out what bills are identified as either potentially of importance to homeowners and/or bills that CAI is following for issue trending. 
Click HERE to access the latest list of legislative issues being discussed by Nevada lawmakers during the 2020 Legislative Session. 
Find your Legislator!

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