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CAI Goes Bowling!

CAI bowling events don’t always fall in the same month, but you can be sure that sometime each year, both in the north and the south, CAI goes bowling! And not just your average bowling fun. CAI bowling events are raucous and fun, feature the best costumed participants, and collect toys and donations for worthwhile charities.

Southern Nevada’s first bowling event was held in August of 2001; followed four years later with Northern Nevada’s first tournament in June 2005. In recent years the Southern Nevada bowling event has typically been held late in the year to coincide with gathering toys and bikes for the Southern Nevada HELP. Other charities helped over the years include veterans programs, Habitat for Humanity, and Red Rock Elementary School.

Every year teams enthusiastically embrace the theme by dressing up as the Beatles, “1950s Rock & Rollers”, cowboys and cowgirls, circus performers, hula dancers, the Age of Aquarius, “The Roaring ‘20s,” Elvis, and plenty of other fun themed evenings as they gather at the bowling alley.

Bowling is always fun. With CAI teams, it’s a blast!

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